Old School…

Yesterday I had my 4th game of Kings of War from Mantic Games. My (not yet based) army of  orcs – with the questionable help of some trolls – wanted to get some breakfast in form of goblins, who brougt their own trolls and some squigs. But the breakfast fought back…

At the top you see most of my army (the gore riders and the godspeaker are missing) and here ist part of the opposition, beautifully painted by Robert of Tabletop Paintworks


and those are my favorite guys on the board (again painted by Robert):


Well not so favorite when crushing into your flank… wich is exactly what happened to my right flank after I got rid of Roberts trolls there.


Things looked brighter on the left:


But not for long, as these gobbos proofed astonishing resistant to my orcs, who were getting nearly no hits at  the goblins, making dice rolls from hell.

So the chariots came around, but the rest of my left flank was destroyed.


The chariots could have helped in the middle, where my trolls and greatax-troops attacked.


But it was quite empty in the middle by the time the chariots could have come around. The warmachine slaughtered the trolls who never ever even got one single strike at the enemy.


So I was defeated and Roberts gobbos carried the day.

I really had fun with the game, but still need to adjust to some aspects of it. For example: I do not like the fact, that only one side strikes in melee. And the units get beaten too fast to my taste (wich on the other side helps keeping the games short). And I really would like to have formation-changes and some effect on combat performance after a unit took a beating. As it is, a unit hits with full stength until it breaks.

But there is al lot of good stuff: Especially the movement is so much easier than in the old GW stuff, wich does a lot for game flow. There is no ton of special rules and the heroes are not overpowered. And it plays fast.

Cant’t really say that I’m a huge fan, but it is a good replacement for Warhammer Fantasy in my view (but then I wasn’t a big fan there too).


See you around,




Blood Eagle Vikings

Some of the friendly guys used to play the highly  entertaining “Blood Eagle” game by The Ministry of Gentlemanly Warfare.

Not very quiet on the danish front…


This one brougt a dooropener with him.


The champion of the band and a companion with an hand painted bird (crow?) on his shield:


And the boss of them all with an bodyguard:


Coming to a raid near you next fightig season…



Here is a project from last year.

I played quite a lot of Frostgrave with a friend. But we actually stopped, because we had the impression, that games started to get quite repetetive. I think I’ll write a review soon, where I get deeper into that problem.

Anyway. I built two warbands for it and a lot of monsters wich are now waiting to see new action. Here comes the first part:

Warband one: The slightly more friendly Mage with some of his his friends.


He did pretty well most of the games but in the first test he got killed in the first turn. Tough luck for my opponent, that we did not start the campaingn then…

And some of his trusted companions:


They look less glossy in real life…

And here comes the grimmer faction.

The Witch and her apprentice:


And the company you keep…



And to close this article here are some little demons and an construct to start the bestiary:



I really like these pink little imps.

See you around,